Manufacturers of Cooling Towers & Systems by Delta Cooling Towers, Inc.


Company History

Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. was founded to manufacture and market the initial concept of a maintenance free seamless one-piece non-corrosive Polyethylene cooling towers, and sold its first unit in June 1971.

Delta’s PIONEER® forced draft cooling tower line is factory assembled in single modules from 10 through 100 tons of cooling capacity.

Delta’s PARAGON® induced draft cooling towers are factory assembled in single modules, from 100 to 250 tons in single modules.

Delta’s PREMIER™ induced draft cooling towers are offered in 6 single-cell models ranging from 250-500 cooling tons, and features a low profile design.   They are designed for ease of installation to span existing cooling tower structural supports.  The Premier™ towers come standard pre-mounted on a steel platform.

Delta’s TM Series™ cooling towers are supplied from 250 up to 2000-ton capacity in multi-module systems, and are CTI certified.  They are a double wall polyethylene construction designed in two sections for shipment purposes.  The tower section includes the wet decking, the hot water distribution system, the mist eliminator and the motor/fan assemblies with the velocity recovery fan stacks.   The other section is the cold-water basin.

In 1981 Delta entered the air stripper market and currently markets a standard line of VANGUARD® packed column air strippers from 1′ through 5′ diameter.  Larger custom designed systems can be provided up to 15′ diameter.

Delta prides itself in its ability to provide the technical expertise necessary to meet the requirements of any application with respect to stripper design, materials of construction, type of packing and total system capability.  Our capabilities are listed in our general literature, which also shows installation photographs of some of Delta’s air stripper applications.